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Common Names

Meranti (Malaysia, Sarawak, Brunei, Indonesia, China), Seraya (Sabah), White Lauan (Philippines)

General Information

Meranti plywood is produced from several species of trees in the Shorea family. The wood is similar in color and grain to Mahogany. The wood is commonly known as Lauan or Philippine Mahogany.

General Description

Generally clear face with little to no knots, solid or veneer core, medium density plywood. Available with poplar core or combi core (poplar and tropical hardwood veneers).


Class 2 plywood. Light Red Meranti has a density range from 25-40 pounds per cubic foot. Dark Red Meranti can range from 40-50 pounds per cubic foot.

Most Common Uses

Floor underlayment, cabinets, paneling, furniture fixtures, and general plywood.

Origin of Plywood

Indonesia, Malaysia, and China

Product Dimension

2.7mm to 18mm 4'x8' DBB/CC Plywood


Retail-ready Bar Coded Product is available. Ask your sales representative!

LWI is able to combine Lauan/Meranti plywood with your Virola/Faveira, Birch, Fancy Plywood and Hardboard orders.
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